Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


? [image: The Lean Linear City. designed by Paolo Soleri, 3D rendering by Young Soo Kim.
A postcard of this image is now available at the Cosanti and Arcosanti Visitors Centers].

Previous reports on the LEAN LINEAR CITY can be viewed on 4/20/05, 2/6 – 2/8/06, 8/5 – 8/14/09, 11/27 – 12/14/09. This updated and recently completed series of new 3D images will be in this weeks reports, 5/31 – 6/4/10.

? [image: The Lean Linear City proposal, as shown at the Beijing Center of the Arts exhibition during the exhibition 3 DIMENSIONAL CITY – FUTURE CHINA, Nov. 2009 – Feb. 2010]

The text throughout these three reports consists of excerpts from "QUADERNO 9, SOLARE: LEAN LINEAR CITY", written by Paolo Soleri, 2005.

"SOLARE proposes a continuous urban ribbon, designed to intercept wind patterns of the region. It will also be sensitized to the sun’s radiation, both photovoltaic and greenhouse. Thus, energy-wise it is best suited for breezy and sunny regions."

? [image: The Lean Linear City proposal, seen here as an extension from an existing city]

"Briefly stated, its main characteristics are:

A series of continuous sub-ribbons extend as the Lean Linear City develops with time:

[A] Two main parallel structures of thirty or more stories extending several kilometers to hundreds of kilometers.
[B] A climate-controlled volume constituting the inner park defined by the two structures delineated above, featuring greenhouse in winter and parasol in summer.
[C] Two wind generator continua
[D] Two photovoltaic continua
[E] One greenhouse apron continuum
[F] One orchard apron continuum
[G] Several logistical bands for local, regional, and continental trains (rail and maglev)
[H] Moving walkways, shuttles, and “fast down and out” slides at appropriate locations
[I] One water “stream” for the needs of residents and travelers and for recreation.
[J] Two delivery and pick up networks
[K] Two liquid and solid waste networks."

? [image: View of the Lean Linear City proposal with the two linear ribbons connected to a major node]

"Following nature’s example, the design and display of the lean urban ribbon connects existing large and small habitats and helps salvage the land from diaspora while in a sustainable fashion reducing waste, pollution, and social and cultural impoverishment.
At the lower ends of the greenhouse aprons the short skirt of suburbia develops. The ballerina, the orchestra, and the spectators know the skirt must be a tutu; the shorter it is, the better it allows nature’s grace into its brief proximity.
Rigorously contained suburban spread could develop on a fascia no wider than one kilometer, so as to accommodate travel by public transportation, bicycle, and foot. The private automobile would be rigorously confined to auxiliary functions (outings, research, etc.)."

? [image: In the foreground we see NUDGING SPACE Arcology with the Lean Linear City in the background]

"One thing we should label correctly is time pollution, i.e., the daily waste of time due to moving things and people from here to there.
The time wasted commuting, for instance, is one of the main time pollutions of affluence and hyper-consumption. Motion implies energy spent, thus commuting is a double slam of time pollution and energy waste, and also threatens the physical and biological well-being of moving organisms.
It offers a less than rosy picture of Homo sapiens as “controller of its own destiny.”

This report continues on 6/2/10.