Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


Many people who work at Arcossanti volunteer in the area of their interest after their workshop participation. There are few job openings currently posted for employment. The pay rates across the board are low. Individuals working at Arcosanti normally reside at Arcosanti and pay a weekly co-use fee of $50, which includes rent and all utilities, access to all facilities and equipment (including swimming pool, studios, music center, library, wifi where available, etc.), a food discount, and entrance to all special events.

The successful completion of the Five Week Workshop is a requirement for residency at Arcosanti. Applicants should submit a resume with references and complete an employment application, available in both PDF and Microsoft Word format.

     General Requirements for all jobs offered below:

1) Must successfully complete 5-week Arcosanti Workshop first.
2) Must be self-motivated and able to manage other people.
3) Must have a mindset that the Arcosanti Project has an educational mission to train program participants.

     How to apply: (Downloadable application forms can be found at the bottom of this page)

Contact: Mary Hoadley, Director of Operations
HC74, Box 4136, Mayer AZ 86333
maryhoadley [at] arcosanti [dot] org

Positions Available:

   ~ Facilities Maintenance Coordiantor ~

Within the Urban Laboratory of Arcosanti, the Maintenance Coordinator holds a dynamic and multi-faceted leadership role. As the director of the Maintenance Department, the coordinator manages a small team of personnel, troubleshoots site-wide facilities problems, teaches the craft of maintenance to incoming workshoppers, develops sustainable system-wide solutions, and participates in the leadership of the Cosanti Foundation.

An ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal, administrative, and management capabilities, will have a comprehensive understanding of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems as well as other crafts, will embody sustainable and environmentally conscious ideals, will be an effective, articulate, and patient mentor to Arcosanti workshoppers, and will be an active participant in the Arcosanti community. A candidate for a leadership role at Arcosanti must express vision, resourcefulness, competency, and unbounded drive to push the project into the sustainable future.

The nature of the Project requires that all employees participate in a 5-week workshop, where the ideology, history, and the intention of the Cosanti Foundation is communicated and experienced. The workshop also functions as a trial period where potential candidates can find out if the unique live/work context of Arcosanti is a good fit for them, and a good fit for the Foundation.
• Ensure that the functional integrity of Arcosanti facilities, machinery, and infrastructure are maintained.
• Knowledge in plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and H.V.A.C. systems will be applied.
• Prioritize and schedule maintenance projects and staff according to urgency and budget considerations
• Design and build maintenance solutions to facility problems
• Train, supervise and evaluate maintenance staff
• Instruct and train workshop participants and volunteers
• Participate in Habitat and Operations Group Meetings

• Experience in maintenance work or broad-based experience in construction, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work.
• Must successfully complete the 5-week workshop.
• Skills and knowledge required:

Empolyment Applications

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