Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.



The Management Team consists of four (4) Executive Directors (CoPresidents) who oversee specific areas of activities of the Cosanti Foundation assigned to each Executive Director as described below:

Mary Hoadley, Executive Director of Operations and Finances
Jeff Stein, Executive Director of Program Development and Fundraising
Tomiaki Tamura, Executive Director of Paolo Soleri Archives, Information and Design
Roger Tomalty, Executive Director of Paolo Soleri Studios and Preservation

Executive Directors are also jointly involved in key decision making and responsible for the whole of the Cosanti Foundation. As a co-president of the Cosanti Foundation, each Executive Director has equal authority and either can perform the duties and exercise the powers of the executive officer in the absence of the other.

This Management Team oversees planning and construction projects, research projects and institutional development for the Cosanti Foundation. At both operational and developmental levels the team works with the departmental managers, Arcosanti Leadership Team (ALT), the members of Arcosanti community, alumni, and outside consulting groups.

Mary Hoadley Jeff SteinTomiaki Tamura

       Mary Hoadley                Jeff Stein                 Tomiaki Tamura             Roger Tomalty