Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

Paolo Soleri Studios & Preservation


The Paolo Soleri studios refer to the facilities and activities of the Cosanti Originals' crafts are made, sold and developed at Cosanti and Arcosanti. The studios operate with the highest standard of craftsmanship initiated by Paolo Soleri.  The Soleri Studios offer customized installations and demonstrations of its activities.

Cosanti Originals - Online Bell Catalog website:
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The studios also engage in developing educational programs (workshops, seminar, lectures, demonstrations, events, etc.) and projects (commissions, collaborations, research, websites, films, print and electronic publications, presentations, expos, exhibitions, etc.), related to the activities of the Soleri Studios.

Ongoing use of both Cosanti and Arcosanti facilities involves aging  and new structures many of which employed Soleri-signatured construction techniques such as siltcasting resulted in a demonstration of creative resourcefulness. The maintenance and developing a plan for preservation of those buildings require careful assessment of current physical and programmatic conditions and their anticipated lifecycle.

To know more about the activities in Soleri Studios and Preservation, please contact:

Roger Tomalty, Executive Director of Soleri Studios and Preservation
tel: 480.227.0974
email: RTomalty [at] gmail [dot] com