Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

Soleri Archives, Information & Design


As a depository of Paolo Soleri's original work as well as the records of related activities, Paolo Soleri Archives at Arcosanti continues to work on:

• documentation of Soleri's works and the activities of the Cosanti Foundation.
• conservation and cataloguing of Soleri's works and the related activities.
• developing a resource center for making intellectual properties and resources available to support the activities of our Information Office, research projects, program/product development and fundraising.

Information Technology (IT) Services in the Information Office provide infrastructural  and technical support for communications media in the Cosanti Foundation. The Office also provides contents and graphic designs needed for internal and external print and electronic media, publication, presentations, displays, websites, events, exhibitions, PR and other programs.

Every effort to coordinate to design aspect of our operation has been made in the areas of graphic and architectural designs for the Cosanti Foundation. The design guideline addresses the issues of project idetity, aesthetics, context awareness, functionality, legal requirements, flexibility, technical soundness, resourcefulness, economic viability, etc.

To know more about the activities in Soleri Archives, Information Office and Design Coordination, please contact:

Tomiaki Tamura, Executive Director of Paolo Soleri Archives, Information and Design
tel: 928.632.6230
email: ttmr [at] arcosanti [dot] org