Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

Program Development & Fundraising

The Cosanti Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, seeks opportunities to build partnerships that ensure the growth of Arcosanti and the educational opportunities inherent in the project.

Here are some of the existing and future programs that assist in broadening our capacity to fulfil the goals of the participating partners, while developing Arcosanti to its fullest potential.


1] Focus educational parameters of workshops/internship and grow student numbers
2] Engage in critical inquiry/ interdisciplinary dialogue with institutional/educational partners
3] Develop support for publishing/media and public lecture activity
4] Develop support for conference activity at Arcosanti
5] Grow public visitation at Arcosanti and at the galleries at Cosanti
6] Maximize and cultivate potential of alumni to support ongoing work
7] Collaborate with institutions, communities, and industry
8] Expand opportunities for engagement with/outreach to neighboring communities
9] Develop scholar/artist in residence program
10] Develop support for performance and other cultural events at Arcosanti
11) Promote professional partnerships with governments, development entities, and with
     architects and urban designers globally

In pursuit of programs described above, as well as clearly defined projects for the Cosanti Foundation, we seek individual and organizational support in a collaborative manner. Donations, grants, scholarships, underwiters and all forms of support are welcome.

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To know more about the activities in Program Development and Fundraising, please contact:

Jeff Stein, Executive Director of Program Development and Fundraising
tel: 928.632.6216
email: jeffstein [at] arcosanti [dot] org
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