Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


 photo by Timiaki TamuraCraft III Building: photo by Timiaki TamuraArcosanti Leadership Team (ALT) consists of selected members of Arcosanti senior staff, members of the Management Team and Executive Committe members of the Cosanti Foundation Board. The ALT functions as an advisory group to the Management Team on Arcosanti operations-related issues including policies and procedures, rersource allocations such as housing and other amenities. The ALT also conducts occasional joint meetings with Arcosanti Community Council to explore critical issues concerning the  Arcosanti employees and residents.

The current ALT members are Nadia Begin, Andy Chao, Mary Hoadley, Sue Kirsch, Erin O'Laughlin, Colleen Reckow, Scott Riley, Randall Shultz, Jeff Stein and Tomiaki Tamura, David Tollas.