Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

Collective work

August 10. 2016

photo by Rob Jamesonphoto by Rob JamesonArcosanti residents and workshoppers meet every once in a while to work collectively in an area that needs some attentions to be kept up or improvements. This nice summer morning, peope from many departments joined force to attack our camp which has been in existance since the commencement of the Arcosanti project in 1970.

There are some dead trees still standing that need to be cut and previously cut tree trunks on the ground that need to be collected. This drone shot by Rob Jameson shows the crew trying to take down a standing dead tree

[Photo by Rob Jameson & text by Tee]

photo by Scott Rileyphoto by Scott RileyOn the ground, here is a closeup shot by Scott Riley of Randall Schultz, Facilities-Maintenance Manager cutting one of the dead trees with his chain saw.

[Photo by SWR & text by Tee]

photo by Scott Rileyphoto by Scott RileyDanny (on the left) and Patrick are moving the cut tree out of the way. There were many other areas in the Camp that were cleaned up and sorted out by other 20+ participants who were a part of the Synergy that morning.

[Photo by SWR & text by Tee]