Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


January 06. 2017

Christmas Eve at the Tollas family home has become one of the favorite occasions of the Christmas season.

[photos by Leah-Ann Walker]

Everyone brings a dessert or yummy snack.

Each year there is what is called a "White Elephant" gift exchange.

Here is the White Elephant.

Each person brings a gift to put under the tree, then each person picks a number out of a hat. Number 1 gets to choose his present from under the tree, number 2 can then either steal the present from number 1 or pick a present from under the tree, and so on.

Number 28 has the choice of 27 previous picks to steal from. As you can imagine, lots of fun and outrage.

Sparks and Lana.

Here are Chloe and Angus. 

January 02. 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 and all the Best from us to you, and thank you for your continuing support.

[photo by alumnus architect Jens Kauder]

December 30. 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 and all the Best from us to you, and thank you for your continuing support.

[photo by alumnus architect Jens Kauder]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to family and friends around the world.

[photo by Alfonso Elia]

December 19. 2016

Our Arcosanti Christmas party took place on the evening of December 16. 2016

The cafe provided a main dish and everyone brought a pot-luck of delicious side dishes and desserts.

[photos taken with iphone by archive volunteer Leah-Ann Walker. Thank you!]

A cut-out of Paolo Soleri attended the festivities.

The foundry made a batch of tiny Christmas bells. Here are Denise, Leah-Ann and Flavio.

A speech by Cosanti Foundation Co-Director Jeff Stein had everyone ringing their Christmas bells.

Many of the crew stayed on to play an Arcosanti favorite game "Cards against Arcosanti".

The game was designed by Erin McLoughlin and as you can see it's lots of fun.

Here is a report by Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman, the DINKY LINKS organizer.

"On the day after Thanksgiving, we held our annual dinky links tournament. I made it thru the more difficult shot of thru the middle of a large rock for two shots off.

photo of Sparks driving the ball through the V of trees to the lower level of the Minds Garden.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Dr. Sparks]

After 11 holes in the garden we head for buildings where we shoot across flat roofs,

bounce down onto the stage from the keystone unit , everyone`s favorite, and down sidewalks, trying to add every building, and ending, bouncing off the lids of our new grey water tank.

The passing tours love the show!! Everyone was awarded a trophy, but the most coveted was first place won by Charlie.

Mediocrity, which is the score between lowest and highest, tied by Ali and Zeb (this was Zeb`s 4th mediocrity in a row, he apparently likes being in the middle) and highest score accomplished by Erin received the outhouse trophy.

Another humorous trophy was the most lost balls trophy (a trophy with a golf ball with a compass glued to the top, to help him find the ball in the next tournament) won by Sean Paul.

Some years we play the day after Halloween when everyone plays in whatever is left of their costume!! Next tournament is New Years day!! Come out to play!!"

Here is a report by Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman, the DINKY LINKS organizer.

"On the day after Thanksgiving, we held our annual dinky links tournament. A dozen showed up on a beautiful windless day to brave the course!!

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Dr. Sparks]

photo: Each participant paints their golfballs for easy identification, here is Erin is marking one of her golf balls.

photo: Julie made a particularly difficult shot.

The first 11 holes are in the Minds Garden where contestants bounce off rocks, land in the middle of cactus, and bounce over cliffs.

photo: Zeb Hornberger.

photo: Ali Gibbs

A legal move of a clubs length gets them out of most bad landings and a shot off of hitting medal sculptures and water tank and going thru special V shaped olive  trees helps some of the higher scores.

photo of Dr. Sparks in the foreground.

More to come.

November 30. 2016

Family members of our staff and volunteers came for the Thanksgiving Dinner, also some of the local alumni.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Hildi and Lorenzo drove all the way from Las Vegas, where they are both now staff members of the Las Vegas City Planning Department.

In the foreground are some of our International crew enjoying their first US Thanksgiving, anthropologist Ivan Severi from Italy and architect Fernanda Ayala Torres from Columbia.

The table with delicious deserts is taking center stage.

"Yummyness" all around.

November 28. 2016

Every year Thanksgiving dinner here at Arcosanti is a pot-luck where everyone brings their favourite Thanksgiving treat.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Here is one of Melanie's delicious bacon-wrapped turkeys.

The cafe provides the turkeys, mashed potatos and the gravey.

Lance is cutting one of the turkeys.

More photos will be posted in the next report.

November 25. 2016

A very Happy THANKSGIVING  to family and friends near and far.

So much to be grateful for. Here are a few images from the archives to give a glimpse into the amazing effort of all of the people that gave their time and energy to build Arcosanti.

photo: Construction of the North Vault, 1970-71, photo by Ivan Pintar

photo: East Housing under construction, 1971-72, photo by Ivan Pintar

photo: Paolo Soleri with the Ceramics Apse under construction in the background, 1972, photo by Annette del Zoppo.

photo: Construction of the Ceramics Apse, 1972, photo by Ivan Pintar.

photo: Construction of West Housing, 1973, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

photo: Landscaping infront of the Ceramics Apse, construction of the Crafts III building in the background, 1975-76, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

photo: Interior of the completed structure of Crafts III, 1977, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

photo: Construction of the Lab Building, 1976, photo by Annette Del Zoppo.

photo: The excavated area for the East Crescent, the first pillar for the amphitheater is getting formed up, 1980,

photo by alumnus Munekazu Iwata, father of alumnus Daiki Iwata who was here this spring with his lovely wife and awesome baker Akiko Iwata.

photo: The Colly Soleri Music Center with the amphitheater seating under construction, 1981, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.