Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


September 28. 2012

WEBSITE LAUNCH - A report by Tomiaki Tamura

The Arcosanti website was initiated by alumni Nathan Koren and Robert David in mid-1990s. Later webmaster Jeff Kunzelman, also an alum, ran the site which was maintained by Selvam Rajamani (Auroville, India) for many years until our new website was launched last month. Throughout those years, our network administrator Ivan Fritz and assistants (currently Travis Neal) have given IT support to our website operations.

[Training session for the new web-site, from left: Frédéric Michaud, Mark Piecre, Travis Neal, Matteo DiMichele, the back of Laurence Chave and Anita Baker and Tomiaki Tamura; photo by Sue Kirsch]

Our new Arcosanti website with new look and contents is a product of many people, mostly volunteers, working for the last few years. Mark Pierce took a lead in putting together all the components necessary to launch the site. Daniel Anderson provided the interface design and its initial CSS. A dynamic duo Laurence Chave and Frédéric Michaud provided us technical support on site at Arcosanti and off site from their home country Switzerland. As for the site content development and editing, Tracy McQuade gave us a good headstart, followed by Sue Kirsch, Matteo DiMichele, Erin Jeffries, Andrea Speed, and countless others who helped us directly and indirectly to make this new website a reality.

[The switch over moment captured at Arcosanti: Mark Pierce (webmaster) working with Ivan Fritz (network administrator on the phone) for the new website to "go live" on August 15, 2012 -  photo by Tomiaki Tamura]

It has been a long journey to get to this point. We now can focus on improving the site, instead of trying to launch one.

Graphic and web designer Jeremy Schevling has joined us recently to help us launch the new website as an intern in graphics and website studio. He has been working on maintaining and improving the website which is always a work-in-progress.