Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


January 13. 2017

Here are more photos about the Arcosanti Cafe deep cleaning with major renovation of the dishroom.

In the main cafe the crew is preparing panels of FRP Fiber reinforced Plastic that will cover the walls of the dishroom.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

The panels are cut to size where needed and FRP adhesive is applied to the back.

The panel with adhesive is then very carefully moved to the dishroom ...

.... and glued to the wall.

Panel joint bead strips are are threaded over the sides of each panel to make a seamless connections at the corners and between panels.

More to come.

January 11. 2017

The week before Christmas the Arcosanti Cafe was closed and underwent a major deep cleaning of the whole kitchen and renovation of the dishroom.
All of the stainless steel prep tables were moved away from the walls and the walls and floors were thoroughly scrubbed, and the walls re-painted.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Every inch of the prep tables we scrubbed.

New interim maintenance manager Jeff Fisher was in charge of the effort. Here he is with kitchen staff Nick Skinner, scrubbing the big sink table of the dishroom.

Scholarship student Denise Aimar cleans the kitchen prep tables.

Some of the stainless steel tables were moved into the main cafe to have room for deep cleaning.

More to come.

December 09. 2016

During the winter months one of the features in the Arcosanti cafe is the 'Heat Sock'. This is a tube of sturdy fabric that is suspended under the large skylight with a fan above it.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Here is the crew watching as the Heat Sock is slowly pulled up.

New maintenance manager Jeff Fisher is operating the pully system.

The Fan blows the warm air that collects under the skylight down through the Heat Sock to warm the cafe. It actually works quite well.

A steel ring is installed on the bottom with a simple set of velcro tape to keep the Heat Sock in shape.

January 29. 2016

The Facilities Maintenance department repairs physical structures and equipment while monitoring mechanical systems and our recycling program.

from left:

Brent Scott, maintenance coordinator,

Lorenzo Mastino,

Jeff Fisher,

Patrick Louie...

... and Pete Seiter works in the maintenance department part time.

Brent Scott: "The Arcosanti Maintenance crew is committed to quality work. Every repair we do is done to the best of our ability with correctness, quality, serviceability, and longevity.

Every aspect of the physical plant is within the realm of the Maintenance Department. We strive to correct original mistakes in construction and design or previous maintenance to upgrade the situation to meet the criteria of the department in correctness, quality, serviceability, and longevity."

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Also part of the maintenance department, but mostly dedicated to carpentry, here is long-time resident Randall Schultz.

Workshop participants that are interested in being part of the maintenance crew: Students can expect a learning experience with electric, plumbing, gas, carpentry, tile, masonry, painting and metal work.

July 28. 2014

Concrete of the new top step of the East Housing staircase has cured and the form has been removed.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

Construction and Landscaping chief Ron Chandler is smoothing out the gravel on the roof.

Ron is teaching the crew of construction volunteers and workshop participants how to install a smooth layer of pavers.

July 25. 2014

Concrete for the new step had to be carried up a very long staircase.

We can see the form on the top of the stair case. The drawing of Paolo Soleri on the steps was done by planning coordinator Rawaf and AIS coordinator Travis.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

The concrete pour of this step was a first project for the June 22. 2014 workshop. Here is  workshop participants Lorenzo Mastino smoothing the surface of the step.

A protective cloth has been spread over the new foam insulation.

Here is workshop participant Lucas Klein spreading fine gravel that will be under a new layer of pavers.

July 23. 2014

Sheets of a 'DuPont Tyvek' fiberglass cloth were applied between the layers of poly urathane foam.

Jeff Stein: "And by the way, we used that very material, Tyvek, during the 1978 festival "Art and the Environment" here at Arcosanti, to make indestructable Japanese kites with artist Tal Streeter. It looks and feels just like rice paper, except you cannot tear it. THe US Post Office uses it, too, for certain envelopes, and it is used on roofs and walls as a building-wrap, the way we just used it on the East Housing roof."

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

The final coat is a brilliant white.

A few pavers have been laid to allow access to the skysuite.

In the back of the photo we see a wooden form for a new final step to the stair case by which one has access to the East Housing roof.

July 21. 2014

Aaron Tallent of TALLENT GENERAL INC. came with his crew to seal the roof by foaming it with several layers of 'close cell poly urathane'.

[photo by Conrad Strano-Mcanany]

July 18. 2014

Here is a project that has been going in stages since the early part of June to the present.

The weather proofing on the roof of East Housing has been in need of attention and it is now in a state where small fix-it efforts are no longer possible.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

Here we see the construction crew taking up all of the custom pavers to strip the roof to the old weather proof layer.

Protective paper has been taped along all of the surfaces adjacent to the roof and the roof is ready for a new protective layer.

March 24. 2014

The gigantic paint job inside of the swimming pool and the little wading pool has been completed.

[photos by Chihiro Saito]

The pool is slowly filling and we are 'so looking forward' to the water warming up just a little.