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October 06. 2017

The latest cover story of Upstate Diary is dedicated to Paolo Soleri and the first years of fruition of Cosanti.

The magazine, interested in the lifestyles of people creating in close proximity to nature, and the places they have found in their search for richer, less distracted lives, is now available on line or in the bookstore of SmoCA, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Spanish television journalist Beatriz Limon Gutierrez, from Spain's international news agency EFE, was at Arcosanti this week with her cameraman filming a story about the project, about Paolo Soleri's work, and about our upcoming exhibition at SMOCA / the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, which will open Friday, October 13 and run through the end of January.  EFE is the major multimedia news agency in Spanish and the world's fourth largest wire service after the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse. 

Beatriz spent the morning with Cosanti CoPresident Jeff Stein AIA and with Arcosanti resident, chef, and chief of the High Desert Museum and Visitor's Center at Cordes Junction, Lance Cope. Prior to his years at Arcosanti, Lance spent much of his professional career in South America, and thus is a fluent Spanish speaker, a plus, of course, for Spanish TV. In fact, we have the capability at Arcosanti for tours in several languages, and our residents from several countries are often called upon to give tours to groups from other countries. Watch for us on EFE later this fall!

Cosanti CoPresident Jeff Stein AIA was in Melbourne, Australia this past week, representing Arcosanti at the World EcoCity Summit 2017.This was the 12th in the series of the world renowned EcoCity Summits, started in 1990 in Berkeley, California, by Arcosanti alumnus Richard Register.

The Summits, occurring every two years, have now taken place on all 6 inhabited continents. Jeff is a member of the Board of Directors of the organization that Register created, EcoCity Builders, that governs the meetings.

(photos and text by Jeff Stein)

This year some 600 delegates from around the world, private citizens, planners, NGO representatives, and local and regional government officials (though only a few of them from the US) came together to address the way we humans build our home: our cities, towns and villages.

Former Vice President Al Gore began the conference with a new slideshow and talk about climate change. And as usual, the work of Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti, the ideal of a car-free, 3-dimensional town… these things were at the center of many of the discussions throughout the week.

EcoCity Builders describes the Summit this way: “It focuses on key actions that cities and citizens can take to rebuild our human habitat in balance with living systems. We are concerned to slow down and even reverse global heating, biodiversity collapse, loss of wilderness, habitat, agricultural lands and open space, and social and environmental injustices.”

Melbourne, Australia, of course, has been voted the World’s Most Livable City for 6 years in a row. But even there, at a conference celebrating the myriad projects humans are undertaking world-wide to bring about a new way of living in cities on the planet, we realize the tremendous work that awaits us all. The fact that we do realize this is partly due to Arcosanti’s presence in the world, a reminder of what could be, based on what takes place here every day.

February 27. 2017

The 2017 Canal Convergence at the Paolo Soleri bridge and plaza in Scottsdale, Arizona, took place this last week-end. Here are some photos taken by Mary Hoadley,

see the following link for more details of this beautiful event.

Canal Convergence 2017 Water + Art + Light

[photos by Mary Hoadley]

Here links to some of the past events at the Soleri bridge and plaza.





Cosanti and Arcosanti information table at the event.

Here are two links to another event at the Soleri Bridge and Plaza in Scottsdale, the Soleri Vernal Equinox Event - PICNIC WITH A FISH which took place on Saturday, March 24. 2012.

Picnic with a Fish

January 30. 2017

Here is an article from January 26. 2017 by Charlie Jones, on the UK web-site WHITE NOISE.

[photo by Yuki Yanagimoto]

January 27. 2017

Here is a little film with Cosanti Foundation Co-Director Jeff Stein.

Huffington Post Greece Edition, with Greek subtitles.

'High Desert Heritage Museum' and the 'Friends of Agua Fria' produced the 2016 CORDES AREA HERITAGE FESTIVAL on October 15. 2016.

The festival was an event to inform visitors and residents of some of the historical sites in our area by talking about the sites, as well as providing guides at the various locations to answer questions and point the way.

The self-guided tours, organized by the Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument, include the 1891 School House site, The Tesky Home Site, Pueblo La Plata, and the Badger Springs petroglyphs.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Cliff Hersted]

The self-guided tours, organized by the High Desert Museum, include the Ash Creek Petroglyph Site, Spring Valley Hilltop Pueblo, Old Cordes Station and Arcosanti.

The event took place at the High Desert Visitor Information Center, which is sponsored and operated by the High Desert Heritage Museum [HDHM] and the Cosanti Educational Foundation at Arcosanti.

The Visitors Information Center has over 300 maps and brochures concerning tourism in Arizona. Over 6000 visitors from all over America and the world stop by every year.

Dr. Tim Flood of 'The Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument' explained the importance of the wet/dry mapping of the Agua Fria River each June during the dryest period in order to measure 'base flow'. He also discussed the importance of the Riparian areas and of birding in the area.

The 'Arizona Site Stewards' produced a display concerning the archaeogical preservation and the protection of Historica and archaeological sites.

Arizona Game and Fish displayed a veriety of pelts and skulls fro Arizona wildlife. They also provided updated information about hunting and fishing in Arizona.

Staff of the Agua Fria National Monument gave away booklets, maps and posters [including a poster of the 13 Arizona Rattlesnakes].

Cliff Hersted, Arcosanti resident and Curator for the HDHM, briefly talked about the development of the museum and the activities of the Cordes Area Heritage Festival.

October 24. 2016

“Las Vegas and Arcosanti:
Parallels, Paradoxes, Dissonances”

There they were, October 19, the day of the presidential debate, Las Vegas City Planner Lorenzo Mastino – recently a productive member of Arcosanti’s own planning department - and Cosanti CoPresident Jeff Stein AIA, in the auditorium of Nevada State College, just outside Las Vegas to address a regional conference of the APA / American Planning Association.

Building on the success of their joint presentation last year to the national APA conference that sent busloads of planners to Arcosanti to be in their presence, Lorenzo and Jeff spent their morning describing and comparing the two ends of the Urban Planning scale: Las Vegas and Arcosanti. And so, the title: “Las Vegas and Arcosanti: Parallels, Paradoxes, Dissonances.”

Their audience, comprised of Western city planners, was appreciative and engaged: the work ahead for all of them is to make sustainable, lovable cities out of sprawling, drought-riddled urban fabrics. “Transformation” was the term on the tip of people’s tongues at the end of Lorenzo and Jeff’s discussion.

It is always a treat for us to participate in the professional lives of those alumni who have contributed so much to Arcosanti, and whose lives have been changed because of their contribution. Lorenzo Mastino and his wife Hildemar Cruz (who herself now exerts some influence in her new job with the City of Las Vegas) are two such Arcosanti alums. Thanks to them for putting our work front and center at the APA Las Vegas.

October 05. 2016

Video producer Sam Price-Waldman visited Arcosanti in early September and interviewed some of the Cosanti Foundation staff and Arcosanti residents.

He put together a beautiful small documentary "The City of the Furture is Already Here" as part of the series of documentaries named "To Live Deliberately", published by THE ATLANTIC magazine, take a look at this link

[photo is of Paolo Soleri with workshop participants in the early 1970's, photo was graciously donated to the Soleri Archives by photographer Orlando Cabanban]

September 09. 2016

A few photos came in from Aimee Madsen, photographer and director of the Paolo Soleri "Beyond Form" film.

Thank you Aimee!