Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


May 16. 2016

Congratulations to Molly Almeida upon graduation from her 3 month internship in the Arcosanti Graphics department.

Here is Molly with her teacher, Director of Design Tomiaki Tamura.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

We are still sorting through lots of photos from the FORM event, will start posting them on Friday, May 20. 2016.

Congratulations to the graduates!

Michele Ventura completed his planning internship. Here is Michele with planning coordinator Travis Shappell.

[photos by Chihiro Saito]

Completing the March 22. 2014 workshop program are Dante Hilton-Ono, Rebecca Cooley and Lily Ericsson.

August 30. 2013

Congratulations to Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo upon completing a three-month internship in the Soleri Archives and thank you for your diligence and dedication.

[photo & text by Sue Kirsch]

? This continues the report of interior construction of the small bathroom in the Unit 9 Lightscoop apartment on the second floor of the East Crescent Complex. Planning interns Wendy Wu and Natalia Woldarsky start tilework on the showerpan.

? A tileborder has been layed out and workshoppers Steve Furlong and Raheel Sadi start the installation of the border.

? The showerpan was completed in a lightbrown tile with white tiles for the majority of the walls. The border brings an interesting effect. This report will continue on 9/22.


Interior work continues in the apartments and dorm-rooms on the second floor of the East Crescent complex. Workshop participants Shaktie Pearce and Nathan Trachimowicz measure and cut drywall.
[Photo & text: sa]


Drywall seams have been mudded and workshop participant Maki Mitamura sands and finishes the inside of one of the closets. Construction intern Lindsay Clark and workshop participant Ruben Warner apply water proofing to shower walls.
[Photo & text: sa]


Construction staff Virginia Schutte applies mudd to edges. Construction volunteer Cathy Mulkern encloses utility lines and finishes walls in one of the closets.
[Photo & text: sa]


Virginia's daughter Heather paints walls during her visit over the Thanksgiving holidays.
[Photo & text: sa]