Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


October 16. 2017

Welcome to the October 8. 2017 workshop participants.

from left:

Daren Blair from Canada [seminar week],

Richard Estevez,

Andor Blum,

George Berry from Canada [seminar week], 

Tom Randall [also did a workshop in 1972],

Jamison Gilmour

(photo and text by Sue Kirsch)

October 13. 2017

Congratulations to the September 3, 2017 workshop participants upon their graduation last week! Our previous July 30, 2017 workshop participants, Richard and Camillo, joined them to receive their certificates as well.

From Left,

Camillo Ospina,

Ellen Nguyen,

Rebecca Weeks,

Richard Careb.

also graduated from July 30, 2017 not in the photo:

Irene Pancotto

Camillo, Rebecca, and Richard will be staying on as residents working in various departments. 

(photo by lvb, text by smm)

September 06. 2017

Welcome to the workshop participants for the September 3. 2017 workshop.

from left

Rebecca Weeks

Ellen Nguyen

August 02. 2017

Welcome to the July 30, 2017 workshop.

From left :  Miles Mabey [seminar + wk 2], Dominik Arni from UK [seminar], Richard Careb, Irene Pancotto from Italy, Taylor Eaton and Camilo Ospina from Colombia.  

July 31. 2017

Conviviality - a chance for the August workshop participants to meet Arcosanti residents. 

(photo and text lvb)

A barbecue potluck to welcome the new workshop is organized in the Vault. Cyo, one of the residents, is vegetarian: bean burger for him.

Thanks Charlie for taking care of the barbecue and thanks to everyone who prepared something for the potluck or simply joined it. Welcome to Dominik, Miles, Richard, Taylor, Camilo and Irene.


July 28. 2017

Melanie, our Workshop coordinator, is giving the certificates to the workshop participants. (photos and text lvb)

Grant Mueller showing his certificate. Grant is staying as a maintenance volunteer. 

Du Hao is staying for a construction internship.

Congratulations to the July 28. 2017 workshop participants upon their graduation.

From Left :

Jesse Fernandez, Alexander Lövgren, Du Hao, Vaite Boosie, Aman Sinha, Christian Sawyer, Jennifer Curtis, Samuel Rayburn, Frank Garske, Grant Mueller, Rei Champion.

Other than Du Hao and Grant, also Jennifer and Christian are staying. Jennifer will be in planning for an internship and Christian is staying as construction volunteer. 

June 30. 2017

Welcome to the June 25. 2017 workshop participants.

top from left: Alexander Lövgren from Sweden, Alexander's father Ivan Takacs from Sweden [seminar + wk 2], Vaite Boosie

upper middle from left: Chile Chilelli, Rei Champion, Sarah Kelley, Samuel Rayburn, Camille Bechier from France [seminar + wk 2], Aman Sinha from India, Chris Hatherill from Hong Kong [seminar + wk 2]

middle from left: Du Hao from UK [wkshp + construction internship], Jennifer Curtis  [wkshp + planning internship], Grant Mueller, Paula Kessler [seminar week] and her daughter Jordy Brown [seminar week]

front from left:
Christian Sawyer, Jesse Fernandez

May 24. 2017

Welcome to the May 21. 2017 workshop participants.

from left:
Jeffrey Werkman,
Bronte Ibson,
Justine Cuevas [seminar week],
Sarah Mia Drennen,
Alma Gutierrez [seminar week],
Kaylan Hager [seminar week],
Kathleen Ryan.

Congratulations to the March 5. 2017 workshop participants upon their graduation.

from left:

Thomas Geusz stays on as a volunteer in the AIS department.

Arthur Swieckowski stays on as a volunteer in construction.

also graduated, not in the photo:

Kendra Dahm continues as a volunteer in construction.

[photo by archive volunteer Chihiro Saito]

March 10. 2017

Welcome to the March 5. 2017 workshop participants.

from left:
David Berner [2 weeks],
Kyle Larimer [scholarship],
Kyli Skinner [scholarship],
Arthur Swieckowski.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]