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Books written by Paolo Soleri and others, including Soleri's seminal work "Arcology: The City in the Image of Man," and his latest work "Lean Linear City: Arterial Arcology".

"What If? Quaderni (Notebooks) series," written by Paolo Soleri , explores numerous topics that describe Soleri's ideas developed over the several decades in form of concepts, programs and projects. 

"Blueprint for the future: The Architecture of Paolo Soleri" by award winning filmmaker David Mayne offers an in-depth exploration of Soleri's designs and examines if they can really become the blueprint for future cities.

Currently two posters are available for online purchase: "Lean Linear City" (12" x 36.5") and "Hyper Building" (22" x 22").

These lithographs are limited/numbered edition (of 100 each) and individually autographed by Paolo Soleri. Currently two series are available.
"Bridge" Series depicts 5 different design motifs and structural systems
• "Genesis" Series present Soleri's earlier architectural and urban designs.
   (available soon)

Limited numbers of Soleri original drawings are available.