Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


Paolo SoleriPaolo SoleriPaolo Soleri (1919-2013), the founder of Arcosanti

Through his work as an architect, urban designer, artist, craftsman, and philosopher, Paolo Soleri explored the countless possibilities of human aspiration. One outstanding endeavor is Arcosanti, an urban laboratory, constructed in the Arizona high desert. It attempts to test and demonstrate an alternative human habitat which is greatly needed in this increasingly perplexing world. This project also exemplifies his steadfast devotion to creating an experiential space to "prototype" an environment in harmony with man.

In his philosophy "arcology” (architecture + ecology), Soleri formulated a path that may aid us on our evolutionary journey toward a state of aesthetic, equity, and compassion. For more than a half century, his work, marked by a broad-ranging and coherent intellect (so scarce in the age of specialization), has influenced many in search of a new paradigm for our built environment.

Remembering Paolo Soleri

On April 9, 2013, the world has lost one of its great minds.  Paolo Soleri, architect, builder, artist, writer, theorist, husband, father.

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