Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


This was the eight year that DIFFERENT SKIES held their week-long workshop here at Arcosanti.
This years participants were:

[back from left]:
Ivan Schwartz,  Greg Hurley, Kim Petersen from Danmark, Brian Good, John McMahon, John Krikawa, Nick Rothwell from England, Tony Gerber, Allen Goodman and Paul Vnuk Jr.

[front from left]:
Otso Pakarinen from Finland, Bill Fox, event organizer Mike Metlay, Giles Reaves  and Russel Foster.

As in years past, the group thoroughly enjoyed their stay as was obvious in the lively concert that took place on Saturday evening. This is a group of excellent musicians. All of the pieces were composed during the week's workshop and words are simply not enough to describe the concert. It was in every respect 'awe inspiring'.


Awesome photo by Young Soo Kim

Organizer Mike Metlay will not be here next year, so Allen Goodman brought a wonderful choir from Phoenix to sing to Mike at the end of the show "It's so hard to say good-bye".

As the concert finished and the musicians settled into the usual 'after concert' freeform, a lightning storm broke right over Arcosanti. All hands on deck unplugged and covered the equipment and all was saved as the rain poured down.