Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

Design Commissions

Architectural Commissions

This siltcast structure was built for an outdoor venue for the student body at the GCC. The facade was precast on the ground and erected. The rough texture of the inside apse was given to accomodate accoustic considerations.

PAOLO SOLERI THEATER Santa Fe, New Mexico (1966)
Commissioned by the Institute of American Indian Arts and built on the Indian School compound in Santa Fe, New Mexco. This outdoor amphitheater features Soleri's siltcast technique, enabling fluid forms with vernacular textures.

When Soleri settled in the Solimene Ceramics Factory on the Amalfi Coast to pursue his interest in ceramics, asked by the owner, Soleri produced architectural solutions to the spatial needs of artists where aesthetic, crafts, and productions meet.

DOME HOUSE Cave Creek, Arizona (1949)
Registered in the State Register of Historic Places, this first building Soleri built with his friend Mark Mills for Mrs. Woods in 1950, features an eyeball (glass dome) looking at the sky capturing the desert ambience while most of the building is below grade.

Theoretical Projects

LEAN LINEAR CITY Exhibited in "Three Dimensional City: Future China" at Beijing Center for the Arts, China (2010)
The Lean Linear City (an arterial arcology) is a pedestrian-based community enhanced by public transportation systems to foster increased quality of life with urban mobility and access in a more robust, equitable and sustainable manner.

HYPERBUILDING Commissioned by the Hyperbuilding Research committee, Japan (1996)
The HyperBuilding is a one-kilometer-high tower surrounded by a double set of concentric exedrae. The exedra is a semi-circular edifice that can host a large spectrum of urban activities. Tower and exedrae are not separable.

3-D JERSEY URBAN AIRPORT Commissioned by Rutgers University (1967)
Soleri designed an urban transportation system nucleus in the state of New Jersey. The design becomes what is now referred to as "3-D Jersey", a single structure, three-dimensional city–airport, to be located in the New York-Philadelphia corridor.


Design Commissions

I-17 TRAFFIC INTERCHANGE Cordes Junction, Arizona (2011-2013)
This project was initiated by the ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) working closely with the neighbouring communities to radically improve the traffic interchange at Arcosanti door step. Soleri was asked to add his design elements to some of the bridge wing walls.

SOLERI BRIDGE AND PLAZA Scottsdale, Arizona (2010)
A 100-foot stainless-steel pedestrian bridge, acts as a solar calendar, producing a shaft of light from the plaza to the bridge deck to mark the equinox, solstice and cross-quarter dates. The plaza features earthcast panels, drip walls and a Soleri bell assembly.

Large Installation Projects

ASTEROMO 94 Mie, Japan (1994)
A space model designed and built for the Mie Center for the Arts. The design was based on the "Space for Peace" series Soleri developed in the mid-1980s. What Soleri terms as "Eco-Minutiae," (ecologically enveloped habitat) gives the basic structure for this conjecture.

photo by Tomiaki TamuraARIZONA CANCER CENTER CHAPEL The University of Arizona, Tucson (1986)
The Chapel features a series of vault ceiling panels and vertical pieces, together forming "A Tree of Life" creating a peaceful space needed in the Cancer Center. Also a special assembly of Soleri bells was installed, echoing the cylindrical column on the opposite side of the room.

IL DONNONE Phoenix, Arizona (1971)
Commissioned by the Phoenix Civic Center Management Board, the sculpture, 'IL Donnone' (lady in the cube) was fabricated of corten steel at the Cosanti Studio and installed in the courtyard between the Phoenix Art Museum and old Phoenix Library.


Soleri Bell Assemblies

SOLERI BRIDGE AND PLAZA Scottsdale, Arizona (2010)
Commissioned by the Scottsdale Public Art, next to the Soleri pedestrian bridge, this bell assembly is considered one of the best examples of Soleri's craftsmanship on display.

LO ZEFFIRO Scottsdale, Arizona (1993)
Commissioned by Neiman Marcus and installed in their monumental atrium-entrance in the Scottsdale store, this cornucopia-shaped sculpture is one of the largest Soleri bell assemblies put together by Soleri at his Cosanti Studio.

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