Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

Mesquite Harvest and Pancake Breakfast

Mesquite Harvest and Pancake Breakfast
Saturday, August 27, 2016 @8 am at Arcosanti

Do you want to get more involved with the local food community and get to know some of the sustainable thinkers and foodies in the region? Are you interested in learning more about mesquite and quality foods? Do you love delicious pancakes within beautiful architecture? Then please join us for an immersive experience of mesquite harvesting, milling, and then breakfast at Arcosanti.

Mesquite harvesting is free, but donations are welcome. Training begins at 8:00am and self-harvesting continues until 9:30am.  Wear protective clothing for sun and thorns, bring water, and prepare for a ten minute hike. Some bags and tools will be provided. No registration required to harvest. 

We will also be milling this year! Thank you to Prescott College for providing the hammermill. Bring your pods and go home with your own mesquite flour (or mill the pods you pic
k that morning, perhaps).  $10 per five-gallon bucket of pods.  Must be clean, dry, and free of sticks and mold. 

Breakfast begins at 9:30am.  Registration and pre-payment required: adults (13&up) $20, children (12-6) $10, and children (5 & under) free.  Prices include a tour of Arcosanti at 11am. Our pancakes will be a blend of blue corn meal and mesquite flour; gluten-free/vegan pancakes will be available.  Ingredients will be local and organic when possible and certainly GMO-free.  Also featured on the menu: prickly pear syrup, local chicken sausage, local vegetables from Whipstone Farm, local eggs, honey from Gerard Kaur, and more!

We will conclude the event with an in-depth tour of Arcosanti, where we will discuss the intersections of local food, community, urban form, and society. 

Please contact us with any further questions, and sign-up for the event by following this link!