Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.

VIBRATO: Dance and Guitar

VIBRATO: A Duet Dance Performance
Tuesday, August 23, 2016 @7:30 pm
at Arcosanti  [FREE ADMISSION]

Vibrato is a duet performance with traveling artists from France, Laina Fischbeck: dance/choreography/song and Christophe Gateau: live guitar/composition/song.

Everything is Vibration. Inspired by the impact of sound and therefore, the different vibrational resonances on the human physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Vibrato researches through sound, dance and song how these different vibrational intensities can effect and intentionally change out states of being. And if we can control the intensity of our own body vibration, how does the interference of an other vibrational body affect our own? What sound and form does it hold and express? What is the resonance between rock n' roll and classical music?

Christophe Gateau and Laina Fischbeck collaborate through movement and sound around their desire to research different possible states of being inspired by the simple yet complex subject of sound and body vibration. "To say that a sound sets a space into vibration is to forget that every space is already vibration" -Peter Price