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Zona Flamenca & Art Renaissance present

Flamenco Meets Vivaldi

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The unexpected pairing of classical Vivaldi and organic Flamenco meet with choreography and performances by Bernadette Gaxiola and this corps of dazzling dancers.

Special guest artists: Musicians of the Downtown Chamber Series, Phoenix

Dinner: 6 pm
Performance: 7:30 pm 

Dinner and Performance: $40
Performance only: $20 ($10 for students)

Reserve early at (928) 632-6217

“I’ve taken the concepts of traditional flamenco elements and combined them in an untraditional fusion with classical music. These art forms have been an inspiration to me all my life. Now, I have these award-winning artists to express my joy,” –Bernadette Gaxiola, artistic director, choreographer

Guest artists include award-winning flamenco guitarist Misael Barraras-Diaz, singer Macarena Giraldez and flutist Max Perrault on cajon, “beat box.” In additional to Zona company dancers, guest artists include Martin Gaxiola and Carlos Montufar.

“Wherever he is, Vivaldi is smiling. He loved to transcribe his music from one instrument to another. He would have loved to see flamenco dancers become instruments to interpret his music.” –Michel Sarda,
head of the Vivaldi Festival and the Vivaldi Foundation of America

Zona Flamenca’s mission is to promote and perpetuate the art of flamenco dance, music and song into the next generation through presentations of this multicultural art form to Arizona communities, and to encourage youth to learn, appreciate and participate in the culture of flamenco. It is accommodated for donations through the non-profit Art Renaissance Initiative, a 501(c)(3) Arizona organization.

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