Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.



Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hosted by The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater company as a part of Global Stilt Congress, the Arco-Tsunami festival integrates the pioneering edge of acrobatic stiltwork with ensemble theater practice and integrates the architectural elements of Arcosanti into its stunning visual performances.

5:00 pm: Global Stilt Congress presents "The Legislation: Food and Shelter"
$25: this performance will be mobile and move around the grounds of Arcosanti (admission does not include the cost of dinner, please reserve dinner separately at 928 632 7135)

To reserved tickets for the event, please visit our link at Brown Paper Tickets

Global Stilt Congress 2014 Summary from The Carpetbag Brigade on Vimeo.


Arco-Tsunami is a two weekend festival of Spectacle-based dramatic arts. Occurring on October 10th (#1) and 17th (#2), 2015 Arco-Tsunami exists as an innovative platform for regional, national and international artists to present their professional repertory works and share their knowledge to collaborate on creating a site specfic performance unique to the Arcosanti environs. The opening weekend includes participatory workshops facilitated by artists from the Global Stilt Congress Senators, afternoon work demonstrations from Wise Fool and The Carpetbag Brigade about the artists practices, a keynote lecture about Transcommunality from stilt scholar Laura Anderson Barbata, and 2 full length evening performances from Wise Fool and The Carpetbag Brigade. The final weekend features a unique site specific work.

Arco-Tsunami functions as the public performative event of Global Stilt Congress. Global Stilt Congress is an annual gathering hosted by The Carpetbag Brigade that serves as an arena for stilt-oriented performers and practitioners from around the globe to come together, exchange skills, develop craft, and strengthen our community and network. During Global Stilt Congress invited teachers and directors share their techniques, compositional strategies and life experiences through classes, lectures, and a culminating site specific performance project.