Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


Documentary Films

The Vision of Paolo Soleri by Lisa Scafuro

Subtitled "Prophet in the Desert," this documentary on Soleri by Lisa Scafuro has been shown in many film festivals world wide...>>> more

Paolo Soleri, Beyond Form by Aimee Madsen

This documentary film by Aimee Madsen has been shown in the US and international film festivals last few months.  There are more screenings to come. Stay tuned! >>> more

Paolo Soleri: Citizen of the Planet by Geoffrey Madeja

Filmmaker Geoffrey Madeja's documentary has been selected as an official entry to filkm festivals... >>> more

Notes: All of the films above are currently in the international film festival circuit, not available on DVD yet. The screening dates and DVD release dates will be posted here as the information becomes available.

If you have any questions and comments about the films, or are interested in advance showing of any of the films above for your planned event, please contact the producer of the film listed below directly:

• "Vision of Paolo Soleri: The Prophet in the Desert" by Lisa Scafuro: lasarizona [at] aol [dot] com
"Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form" by Aimee Madsen: eyeamfilm [at] gmail [dot] com
• "Paolo Soleri: Citizen of the Planet" by Geoffrey Madeja: geoffrey [at] workingjoetv [dot] com