Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


The Carpetbag Brigade and Global Stilt Congress present

The Legislation & Callings

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The culmination of a 2-week residency, CB/WSC presents "The Legislation," an ambulatory stiltwalking performance that takes the audience across Arcosanti, finishing with "Callings" in the Colly Soleri Music Center Amphitheater.   To cap off the evening, DJ Logan Dirtyverbs will drop the beats for a Cumbia Dance Party underneath the Arcosanti Vaults.


5 pm After hour tour of Arcosanti
6 pm
Dinner (served buffet style with vegetarian/vegan options)
7 pm Performance
$30 for Dinner and performance
$20 for Performance only
For information & reservations, visit


Engineered by the cross-cultural creatives of The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company, Global Stilt Congress gathers stilters from different traditions to share techniques and engage in a site-specific creative process. "The Legislation" shares the results of this process openly with the public in an evening of artistic exploration amidst the unique desert architecture of Paolo Soleri's urban laboratory, Arcosanti.

Participating in "The Legislation" this year will be members from the performance groups Brooklyn Moko Jumbies, Circus Stella from New Brunswick and Quebec, local Arizona favorites Carpetbag Brigade and Flam Chen, and guests from Colombia and Mexico.

Accompanying "The Legislation" will be the ambulant musicians Meg Bohrmann on accordion, Inesis Vitols on violin and Jonathan Best on vocals and keyboard. Following "The Legislation," the musical trio will also present a short concert before Carpetbag Brigade presents their internationally-renowned acrostilt performance "Callings."

CALLINGS [To see promo video go here]
Where do we look when our eyes are closed? What words do we hear when no one is speaking? Carpetbag Brigade's "Callings" derives its inspiration from these questions and is a poetic homage to the sirens of the sea and the secret intentions of the voices that captivate and haunt us.

In the delicate overlap of circus, dance and theater "Callings" weds the grace of modern dance with the raw intensity of physical theater in the spectacle-based format of acrobatic stilts. Images and issues of climate change evoke a shifting undertone of change in a performance that transcends demographic prejudices and remains accessible while maintaining an intimate sense of mystery and tension. "Callings" examines our superstitious nature of creating meaning and asks us to listen to the world we imbue with the supernatural.

The mission of Carpetbag Brigade is to increase the quality, scope and impact of live performance culture through performer training, community outreach and aesthetic presentation. By utilizing performance art and its pedagogy as a tool to transcend language, class, and genetic heritage, we seek to create bridges of understanding by sharing our craft locally and globally in diverse urban and rural settings.  The Brigade's mixture of physical theater, modern dance, and acrobatic stilt-walking creates a highly-specialized art of performance where the worlds of theater, dance, and circus overlap.

As the primary physical theater company in the United States significantly touring acrobatic stiltwork, Carpetbag Brigade has used the medium to create shows with an experimental aesthetic intended for the large-scale, outdoor, popular audiences.  By synthesizing acrobatic stiltwalking, butoh dance, contact improvisation, musical composition and physical theater Carpetbag Brigade has pioneered  a unique aesthetic approach and corresponding technique that has resulted in 10 original performances and tours to Europe, Latin America, Canada and the U.S.  For five years, they were the host group of Prescott, AZ's Tsunami on the Square festival and in 2007 they were the company-in-residence at the Universal Forum of the Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico.  Carpetbag Brigade has performed for over 250,000 people over the past six years, both inside and outside of the United States.