Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


The Colly Soleri Music Trust, named after Paolo Soleri's wife Corolyn "Colly" Woods Soleri (1925-1982), was established at Arcosanti right after her death. The Music Trust, whose venue is known as the Colly Soleri Music Center, has been offering numerous performance and culinary events, honoring Colly's love for music, theater and conviviality, ever since. The center has been a home for musicians in residence, master classes for emerging young composers, dance performers and theater troupes.

The music center occupies a central part of the East Crescent Complex at Arcosanti, featuring an amphitheater and backstage lounge area, music practice rooms and various storage spaces. The music center has been used for a variety of events, including conferences and performances, and occasionally rented for events orchestrated by outside parties.

For more information about the Colly Soleri Music Center and considering Arcosanti as your future event venue, please contact:

Mary Hoadley: 928.632.6212
[at] arcosanti [dot] org
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