Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


Flam Chen presents

Rites OV Spring

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flam Chen embodies narrative themes that seesaw between dark and light. Fantastic realms inhabited by creatures at once human and animal invade and transform mundane spaces into playgrounds that are whimsical, macabre and other-worldly.

6 pm Buffet Dinner
8 pm Performance

Dinner and Performance: $30
Performance only: $20

Flam Chen have been creating, performing, and touring new circus and fire theater since 1994.Their interest in community interaction, educational outreach and public ceremony has led Flam Chen to innovate work that imbues the exhilaration of a symphony, the timeless beauty of opera and the raw physicality of sport. Flam Chen’s work ranges from the intimate, to large scale residencies that include company designed workshops, combining student talent, troupe talent, and community culminating in spectacular yet meaningful community built works that resonate with locally derived history, energy and depth.

For dinner reservations and more information, please contact:

Arcosanti Visitor's Center
tel: 928.632.7135
mail: info [at] arcosanti [dot] org



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