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Glossary of Terms

Since Soleri's prolific writings explore humankind's role in the world, it may be helpful to examine the terms he uses in his writings.

Animism Art Artisan
Becoming Being Big Bang (B.B.)
BigCrunch (B.C.) ClosedReality Complexification (C.)
Complicated (vs. the Complex) Craftsman Creation
Desirable Determinism Duration (D.)
Equity Eschatological Hypothesis Esthetic Creation
Esthetogenesis Feasible Frugality
The Future Grace Interiorization
Love Project M.C.D. Means and Ends
Memory Mind Miniaturization (M.)
Nature (Reality) Omega Seed Open Reality
Opportunism The Past The Present
Probabilism Religion Residual Anguish
Resurrection Second Coming Self-Reliance
Self Revelation Self-Sufficiency (Utopia) Spacetime
Stewardship Technology Theology
Truth Urban Effect Utopia


A reality authored by a creator is a reality animated by the creator's "pneuma." Animism sacralizes that which it animates. Under a spell of this sort, reality is in constant peril of blasphemy. It is as if the creator at the moment of creation injects in it a sort of paralyzing substance, "thou shalt not." The wasp does that with the cicada (reality) so that its angels (babies) can feed upon the living corpse of the fodder. "Virtual" cannibalism? Reality, an original goodness turned sour, has to worship its maker and more than often is at a loss about the truthfulness of the whole enterprise . Somewhere the intrinsic warpage of the sequence "goodness generating badness worshipping goodness" clamors for resolution. But resolution is inhibited by intrinsic incoherence: Reality diminishes God (the hypothetical deity). A self generating reality is exempt from such dependence. It does not have the imprint that the creator unavoidably makes upon its creation. By abandoning animism, i.e., by unveiling the deceptive nature of the theological simulations (the longing for a perfection mistakenly thought to exist) the knot is undone, the presence of the Mistero Tremendo is unveiled, and reality is face to face with the awesome task of making itself into the nobility of love and all costs


The esthetic incarnation in specific objects-events. When true, the event is the transfiguring of anguish into the esthetic and "on the spot" is an end itself. Art is the more persuasive and powerful example of frugality. It does so much with so little. Think of a short sonnet rebounding from one culture to the next leaving minds in awe.


The methodical, humble, life long dedication to a well-honed skill applied to a medium; clay, metal, glass, wood, fibers, stone, plastics, images..... Patience, repetitiveness, love for what you do and a sort of serenity unknown to craftsmen and artists typify the self-confident artisan. The artisan has deep roots in place and its past.


Becoming is the "endless" and uninterrupted process altering (in the sense of evolution) reality via spacetime operating upon mass-energy. All the presents in the spacetime sequence are the fuel the becoming "consumes" toward the generation of the past (Being in the making). Each present constructed by spacetime (change) is the Becoming and is automatically consigned to the past. Present and becoming are inseparable, the two most elusive of all agencies since as soon as they "incarnate", as soon as they are they are no longer.


Being is that which is "outside of spacetime" and therefore it is of a non-mass-energy kind. The nature of beingness is lodged there where spacetime and therefore mass-energy have no hold. The past is such beingness. The past contains, is the only and total beingness. Being is constantly augmented by the labor of the becoming, where becoming is the alter ego of all presents.

The Big Bang (B.B.)

The Big Bang seems one of the quasi-secure moorings science is counting on to develop diverse models of reality. The inconceivable nature, structure , rules, etc. that one conjures by way of metaphors and/or by way of almost as inconceivable mathematical-astronomical wizardry point at mystery number one: "il Mistero Tremendo" from where reality explosively leaps out. The birth of mass-energy and spacetime, the offspring of the Mistero Tremendo tells us that the notion of "before B.B." is a non-sensical notion. Beingness begins at the Big Bang moment, in that very first moment where-when beingness turns into becoming. The whole of reality is that becoming (see Self-Sufficiency) "mothered" in the Big Bang.

The Big Crunch (B.C.)

While the Big Bang (B.B.) seems to be a given, B.C. is hypothetical. It would be a sort of symmetrical condition to the B.B. The B.B. as the explosive origin of reality and its becoming, the B.C., as the end of reality into a "collapse" of such reality. This hypothesis of a reality that pulsates from a point-form beginning and a point-form collapse , would be possible only if the gravitational forces of the cosmos will be able, via a sufficient amount of matter, to slow down the expansion of reality and eventually reverse the expansion into a contraction to the ultimate implosive moment of the Big Crunch.

Closed Reality

If science will determine that enough matter exists for the cosmos to stop expanding and start contracting, then a reality with a beginning, Big Bang, could end in a Big Crunch symmetrical to the beginning. If not so then the conjecture could be that even though reality had a beginning , Big Bang, it will not have an end - an open-ended reality.

Complexification (C.)

Complexification is the "metaphysical" side of Miniaturization without which M is hollow, a container in search of a content, a mechanism devoid of intent. Complexification is a measure of how many interactions are being added to a process which mass-energy, spacetime dimensions do not increase, via progressive miniaturization. C is an animating agent and the liveliness of an event is proportional to the Complexity that makes the event possible in the first place. But animation and liveliness, up to conscience and mind, are not possible if the M side of the equation is not up to the animating (C) task. In all events, the frugality which M is authoring is the measure of Complexity present. Complexity is the causal agency in the interiorization of matter and interiorization is the distinctive character of living systems. To the "other" life contraposed the I, the I of a bacteria, the I of Leonardo. Many events and processes cluster wherever a living process is going on. The make-up of the process is immensely complex and ever intensifying.

The Complicated (versus the complex)

Below a certain threshold of M.C.D., and all man-made technological devices are (still) below such threshold, we are not in the presence of true complexity but in the presence of the complicated, at times exquisitely organized instrumentation. The same is true for most if not all human institutions; financial-economic, social, productive, cultural, etc. Even the theological models (simulations) are below complexity. Only the true esthetic event perforates the ceiling of the complicated to become part of the M.C.D. realm, the domain of complexity.


The person or persons engaged in circumscribed action in which the idiosyncratic impulses do not quite break through into the esthetic realm, perhaps because the personal anguish falls short of the "cosmic anguish" of which it should be a reflection.


Creation is that which spacetime does in acting upon "mass-energy." If spacetime is the co-author of the Big Bang and the becoming it originated, creation has been an uninterrupted process from that Big Bang first moment on. Only the exhaustion of spacetime will see the end of creation because only such exhaustion will put an end to change, that is, the becoming. Creation is the becoming and not a one-shot deal in a particular (privileged) moment.


The desirable is that which is beyond the immediate survival demands. In that sense, desirability is the trigger to transcendence when by transcendence we mean evolutionary steps that the genetic imperative per se is unable to take, deprived as it is of reflective know-how and knowledge. While the feasible is inseparable from technology (the How) and thus is an agency present from the very onset of becoming (Big Bang ) on the desirable is strictly a mental invention. Plants and animals, as the mineral, do not dwell in the desirability domain. Only in the opportunistic and probabilistic, deterministic domains. The thirsty gazelle does not desire water. It is driven by its organism to connect with that mineral substance.


Determinism with all of its statistical muscles typify the fatal sound of a reality which, step by regressive step shows its own evolution as a sort of grand deception. At the beginning everything was: the blueprint was not just the map but the territory itself. The singularity and utter creational process carried on by spacetime is then a sort of cosmic farce. For the benefit of what? The What itself is there from the start, data full, knowledge full, "wisdom" full, "experience" full. What of the puny me 15 billion years in the "making", i.e., 15 billion years dwelling (in all its detail) in the deterministic hyper mind?(THE CREATOR) Determinism, at its purest best, pre-defines, predestines, pre-dooms, all of reality. Evolution (process) and all of its fireworks are just old hat under the hat of the all "knowing" all "loving" Maker. Determinism and animism are kin since for animism the anima has been afloat from the first day, predefined, preplanned.......

Duration (D.)

Duration is the offspring of miniaturization (M) and complexification (C). There could not be duration in a reality not animated by the M.C. "methodology." If the past is the whole of reality, full Duration is the exact and exacting recollection of it. The full recollection of the past is resurrection (in other words) is total revelation of the past to itself. This is what Duration is. Duration is then the complete evolutionary sequence registered in the past when awakened in the self-revelation that the becoming may eventually generate. Memory is the "disorderly" display of durational fragments.


A state in which all the components of evolution, if and when Self-revelation of reality is achieved, find themselves not only documented but relived in all their specificity, means that have finally transcended into ends.

Eschatological Hypothesis

A hypothesis framed in the propostion that a meaningful end is in the realm of the possible and definitely in the realm of the desirable. The hypothesis sees the resolution of the becoming (of reality) into Omega Seed , that is, into the reawakening of all the past in a state of total self revelation. Since the truth is in the making (it is not a given) for the obvious reason that reality itself is in the making and the reality is the only arbiter, in fact the only "definer" of the truth (if it is), the eschatological end is not pre-defined, preordained, predestined, predesigned (all of those are from the realm of mandate from above). Therefore the hypothesis has no guarantee tags in the sense of what and why. The grassroots procedure is the one that might develop the Howness conducive to the slow emergence of the what and why, that is, of what the desirable could be.

Esthetic Creation

The very rare spacetime and circumscribed event that from its very inception speaks of end, that is, beyond means (see Esthetogenesis and Residual Anguish).


A process generating a reality in which all components, beside being the means to the self-revelation achievement, are also ends to themselves (the meaning of self-revelation). A final state of grace that only the mind can generate via evolution.


Feasibility is utterly tangled in the spacetime web. What was unfeasible then is feasible now, what is unfeasible now will be feasible then (in this is the irrepressible optimism the desirable easily drifts in). This tie to the "present" (i.e. , recent past and anticipatable "future) is both the yeast for feasibility and the seducer that can and does take feasibility into irrelevance and or into the fields of horror. The hyper-horror of the H-bomb, the irrelevance of 90% of our shopping centers merchandising utopias. Etc,etc...


As things and events are the endless variations that life is able to generate within the spacetime sequences (the presents) one could define frugality as the most sophisticated use of spacetime. The ability reality has to generate, has found in the mind (Homo Faber) an extraordinary coordinator, improviser, inventor, creator. The more complex the event, the more stringent is the coordination of the elements entering in the making of it. The canary event is more frugal than the jumbo jet event because the cause effect in them works on different spacetime beats. The MCD paradigm is frugality made operative. The extreme instance is the Omega Seed event "within" which, in a nullified spacetime, the whole cosmic experience form beginning (B.B.) to end (B.C.) is revealed to itself. The total, pure Being. Frugality is a process of internalization because MCD is fundamentally a processor of the outer into the inner. This is why frugality has it over materialism now expressing itself in a hedonistic hyper-consumptive society. Frugality is a necessity capable of resolving itself into a virtue.

The Future

It is a semantic make-believe because the word is a sort of self-denial. In order to be true to itself the future cannot exist. What exists is the tide we call the becoming which in some sort of coherent fashion makes possible anticipatory scenarios. Perhaps the word instead of future should be anticipation . The anticipation of presents made on the basis of the memories delivered by the past (upon demand or not). Physical memories, genetic memories and cultural memories.


Since I term Esthe-quity (esthetic and equity) the ultimate achievement of mind and nature, I am at a discomfort of sorts to define grace as the all-inclusive terminal state of reality. They are interchangeable. Esthe-quity points at the "magical" convergence of the esthetic and equity. A convergence, so inevitable when the evolutionary sequence is positively guided , as to make the two agencies into one,the Omega Seed. Grace points at the transcendence of conflict not in a sort of despairing resignation, but in the luminosity of a prodigious and concluded reality.


When the natural laws (physics), still acting upon a process, no longer dictate the next step, there is where-when, the main governor of change residing in the interior of the process. The process is then Organism and its drive is an interiorized faculty. The living via genetics and the adaptation mandates to the organism in order to cope with the outer, is an inner guided phenomenon. One of its virtues is to move the process from the "complicated" into the Complex and this is in virtue of a sufficient miniaturization. If the interiorization was ever to become universal, i.e., total, reality would reach the self-revelation state. The resurrection into Omega Seed.

Love Project

The Love Project supersedes the probabalistic machinations of micro mass energy, supersedes the opportunistic drives of protohuman life. Supersedes but does not exclude , it could never do so and remain real. The Love Project is a becoming in which both procedures are present, as it is for all esthetic processes.The Love Project has its obscure, ambiguous, uncertain beginning with the advent of pain (animal kingdom) and has its explosive emergence with the advent of suffering (Homo Sapiens). Love germinates from the turbulence of good and evil, the double agency grantor of the joy-suffering presence.


In the universe we belong, a universe in which Spacetime is the agent "manipulating" the media, Mass-Energy, into Being, the MCD triad is critically determinant in creating Being, the past. MC is the binary methodology by way of which reality is inching toward self-consciousness, the mind. As mass-energy is unrelentingly stirred by spacetime in ways that generate more and more information-knowledge (complexity) contained in less and less spacetime (miniaturization), reality witnesses the mineral memory at first, then the genetic memory and "finally" the cultural memory. Duration is taking hold, in the sense that the past (reality) sees more and more fragments of itself being "relived" , being remembered. Perfect remembering is tantamount to a Second Coming. The day I will be remembered in all the details of my becoming that day I will be resurrected. It goes without saying that this could only happen in a reality "purged" of spacetime. We call this reality the past. The past as the only being.

Means and Ends

A project presupposes the planner. For a reality that from the onset has no planner, the notion of developing projects is an empty notion. Chances are the first project coincided with the debut of life. Life is a self-planning event, that is , it is full of projects. In terms of procedures and scheduling, it seems that the proto-human phenemenon produces forms that by way of mutation-adaptation emerge in conspicuous number. Those forms "invite" functions. A sort of projectation in reverse gear. There isn't so much a need generating a form as it is a form "generating" a need (see the brain). Form as a solicitor of content long before content seeking form (container).


Memory refers to three domains. Thus there is: * the physical memory * the genetic memory * the cultural memory. Since memory is about past experiences ( it can only be that ), it is the instrumentalizing agency for the becoming. There is no becoming where there is no memory and by the way, that is the way the past is "still with us" and is fueling present after present. Via memory the past produces more of itself......


That part of life and knowledge which is engendered by organism but it is not limited to or by the genetic knowledge. Animals are intelligent but they are not mindful. Culture is the phenomenon that the mind constructs, founded of course upon the genetic experience and intelligence of Homo Sapiens. The flame that makes the mind unique is reflection: the conscious and operational distinction between the I and the not I. Of all the achievements of life this may be the most astonishing and the most revolutionary. It may entail the redirection of cosmos' evolution.

Miniaturization (M.)

Miniaturization is the progressive reduction of the physical dimension of an event favoring a tighter performance among contiguous events. The mass-energy, spacetime savings is locally critical and such frugality rebounds throughout reality. Via miniaturization the impossible becomes possible. This makes Miniaturization the "physical side" of Complexity without which Complexity cannot hold; a content, Complexity, in search of a container Miniaturization. By this miniaturization-complexification operation a threshold can be reached where matter becomes life and knowledge. The nature of Complexity demands the rigorous utilization of all resources- mass-energy and spacetime, for example. Therefore, whenever Complexity is at work, Miniaturization is mandated and a part of the process.

Nature (Reality)

Nature is reality in the process of creating itself. It is then a becoming and not a being. But such a becoming is automatically and instantly consigned to the past: Beingness. Nature is the razor edge where Becoming, the present, pours into Being, the past. The tendency to isolate the natural world as the biosphere from the remaining of reality is an added obstacle to the understanding of nature,i.e., reality. Perhaps the greatest surprise in store for nature's becoming is the emergence of life first, of mindful life second. Seeing the becoming of nature (reality) as an unwarranted (non-predetermined) series of transcendences, mineral, biological, mental.... the question of proportionality becomes critical. Is the living an irrelevant, puny,and short lived accident or is it the beginning of something which impact might eventually transfigure reality in total? The Omega Seed Hypothesis counts on this second outcome.

Omega Seed

As the seed is functionally and emblematically the encapsulation of that which an organism will become, the (universal) Omega Seed is the ultimate encapsulation of all the "information-learning" generated by the evolutionary development. Information-learning that in this extreme case is the "lived" experience of evolution, contained as it is in this ultimate seed. This content expects animation from the exhaustion of mass-energy, spacetime characteristic of the "infinite" M.C.D. present at the end of spacetime: the animation of Self-Revelation , i.e., of Resurrection.

Open Reality

For a reality which has always been, there is no logic in anticipating an end. Therefore reality is an open ended event with no beginning and no end.


Opportunism presupposes stresses which go beyond the physical laws. There is no opportunism in the coming together of oxygen and hydrogen to generate water. The fact of waterness is intrinsic to the nature of reality. The biological stresses are anchored to survival, a novelty in the "physical" reality. In the simplest manifestation of life there is not a consciousness guiding and staying the course which is most opportune. Selection and adaptation in their most impassive self are the arbiter for life and death. Throughout the food chain, 3-4 eons on this planet, the opportunity to survive and procreate, is all there was that living reality could offer. Consequently opportunism is the agency that saturates the doings of life. Tolerance, consideration, generosity, abnegation, self-sacrifice, if they began to be felt, were and are of a protoloving nature and they relate to populations not to individuals (some mammals have a foot in the door of consciousness). Opportunism is and remains the most innate of our drives and it is more and more adopted by individuals of the Homo Sapien population as a totally legitimate expression of the ego. Capitalism is the most recent incarnation of opportunism , and there are its strengths and limitations. The evolution of man and minds will be the story of post opportunism or it will be a story of sorrow, sadness, and suffering.

The Past

It is the repository of all that reality is. It is being, a being constantly enriched by the becoming generated by spacetime, present after present. The past is reality. There isn't any other reality outside the past. The past as the only being is the repository of all presents and therefore of the becoming continuum. But the past inasmuch as it is outside of spacetime ( becoming ) is partaking in the creational process only when memory makes it available to the present.

The Present

The most enigmatic process of all because the enrichment of the past generates from the alteration produced by spacetime "working" upon mass-energy comes about through this purely non-dimensional agency called the present. Non-dimensional because in the very instance of happening such happening is (already) no longer a present. It has past, it is the past. One could perhaps say that in a membrane of infinitesimal thickness separating being ( the past ) from non-being (the future), the becoming is conducting its magic construction , present after present. The present, generator of being is a sort of sequence of stills constructing reality in a particles light mode in preference to a wave light mode. A dynamic, the becoming, constituted of the static packets of each present. In lingo the present comes with two appendices: The tail appendices referring to the "has been", i.e., the lingering of the present and the head appendices referring to the "will be",i.e., the anticipation of the present. Those are two pseudo-presents connected by the real present, the now.


A sort of escape hatch away from the deadly call of determinism for which a full database automatically anticipates what comes next and next and next to the end of "time." The gods , those that have it All in their "minds" are holy determinism in persona. The probabalism postulated for the subpartical domain teases determinism and its sacramental prison by challenging the whereabouts of each single dot (neutrino) on stage, but then has to give it all back since for all purposes the result (statistical) has been a priori in the bag.


The search for methodological and normative guidelines eventually resulting in how reality may bind itself (religio) into an ultimate grace . A grace is achievable only in the self-revelation of a concluded reality.

Residual Anguish

A condition which life cannot escape because of the Mistero Tremendo in which life emerges and evolves. Such an inescapable condition finds its own resolution in the esthetic objectification. The esthetogenesis of reality is achieved if and when the process of anguish transcendence is completed.


Resurrection is the event at the conclusion of evolution if and when evolution, via M.C.D., has reached the totall recall state, the state of self-revelation. Resurrection is then the re-experiencing not only of the subjective history of each event but also of all and everything reality has been and has become. Full knowledge is "to be what you know" ,i.e., it is resurrection, the total resurrection since being and knowing refers to the whole, to the number of eons between beginning and end.

Second Coming

The very fact that reality is a becoming , i.e., it evolves, calls in the status of all the events emerging and dissipating , composing such becoming. As instruments in the making of reality they all seem of disposable nature. Unless reality is at last able to "testify" to their existence and contribution, reality remains an engine without virtue. The Second Coming responds to the fatal flaw of an unmindful reality. The self-revelation of reality, at the end of its becoming-evolution, is the loco for the second coming of all those events, organisms and mind included. Their resurrection in Omega Seed transfigures their instrumentality as means and finality of ends. Reality's Self-Revelation, Total Recall , Resurrection , Second Coming , Duration are one and the same into Omega Seed .


Self-Reliance is utopia which has dropped its pernicious garments. It is all that utopia should grope for. A non-parasitic agency attempting to render to reality more than what reality is willing to give. Self-reliance is a bartering engine that should be fueled not just by opportunism but by opportunism with the long reach that only love, compassion, knowledge can sustain : the opportune way of becoming among the becoming, not in spite of it.

Self Revelation

It is the very special (non dimensional) point-moment when the past, i.e. , reality in toto has fully acknowledged itself. The act of knowing is the act of self-revelation, the revelation of itself to the whole of itself. It is Duration at its purest and most comprehensive. In theologies, what goes for revelation is in fact invention upon which simulation scenarios are constructed. Revelation is in need of the reality of what is revealed. If and when that which is "revealed" is a fiction or an autosuggestion, revelation is robbed of its content. That which is revealed is naught and what is left is the simulation of that which one wished reality would be.

Self-Sufficiency (Utopia)

An abused label hiding a "fundamental" deception. By now we know that the whole of reality is the only instance of self-sufficiency , but only if one accepts the fact that it is a dynamic , a process of self-sufficiency, almost as if chasing after a constantly receding fullness, the fullness of a true self-sufficiency. If a maker intruded in the scenario then poor reality would for ever be not a sufficient agent for its own becoming , let alone its being. Would this maker, God, be a self-sufficient agent? Not if it is caught (trapped) in the becoming of which is supposedly the generator.


Spacetime is the change reality undergoes on its mass-energy foundation. An instant or an eon without change negates the reality of spacetime, a self-contradiction. Spacetime is not if change is not and vice-versa. The labor of spacetime is evolution itself. Spacetime is the becoming. The exhaustion of spacetime, in a Big Crunch for instance, is the end of becoming and it is where and when the possibility of self-revelation into Omega Seed becomes possible.


Stewardship is the caring for those things which are the responsibility of the steward. He keeps them in top form. It is said, man must be the active , involved keeper of nature. So far, so good, under the assumption that the keeper has knowledge and wisdom sufficient for the task. A conservative task, by definition. A strict adherence to this model can be immediately faulted: evolution is not (only) conservation, evolution is transformation, metamorphosis indeed. A single-minded preservation of the present (the past) is an automatic dismissal of the "future" ( the invention of more past ). Thus a stewardship that is not bigoted is a stewardship that clearly is, lets say, half of that which is going on and which is in need of understanding and participation. This continent eons ago, or the planet itself, had no biomass of any sort. Fortunately, "stewardship" was not around then. The same can be observed for the 3.5 eons ever since. The biomass has now a mind, us. Such mind, the latest invention of the biomass, has to be part of the stewardship conservation drive as it has to be the spearhead of metamorphosis, the other half.


The becoming of reality via spacetime is the techne by which the now is an altering of the preceding now. The becoming is a Cosmo-technology in action. Technology is the oldest of all agencies working at generating reality. With biotechnology , the genesis of life, (in this solar system 4 or so eons in the making ), the prodigiousness of the phenomenon made possible by M.C.D., displays itself in the immense and beautiful variety of living forms. The brain, a most exotic and most secretive bio-technological miracle, could be a transfiguration of matter beyond any anticipation if an anticipator had existed. The mind, this radiance of the brain-person is operational hyper-biotechnology. Religion among the other mind's agencies is or ought to be , theo-technology , the generation of divinity.


An invention and simulation generated by the mind in search of benevolence , meaning, and resolution. An invention-simulation of divinity. The Mistero Tremendo and anguish it generates are the main cause of theological inventions.


An all given reality, like the one in the mind of God, is a true and full truth. A becoming reality wherein spacetime is not a figment but a maker, is the maker of a becoming truth , i.e., is a truth that is and remains to the end , a conditional fragmented gropings "truth" that is not the (true ultimate) Truth. That is why the Mistero Tremendo and the anguish and suffering it engenders is "constitutional" to reality itself. Reality is searching for its own Truth. Mind now knows that such Truth since it does not exist yet, cannot be uncovered , it can only be "invented" or created. Anthropomorphically we assign to the "truth" the attributes of our inventions, love at the head, a meaningful, benevolent, reality, Mother Nature...

Urban Effect

It is the effect generated by M.C.D.. The evolution of the urban effect is the best document of the synergy the M.C.D. paradigm is proposing. All organisms are per se like different stages of the urban effect and its religio power. The M.C.D. religion is pointing at the "city of light" emblematic , throughout human history, of the highest of all transfigurations of matter into mind..


Utopia is the emblematic example of the great deception of self-sufficiency. It is the parochial pretending to be the catholic , the fragment to be the whole.....And even when unpretentious(?) it shows an arrogant sort of blindness toward the reality in which it is inescapably nested in. The perfect community , the Garden of Eden , a just and loving reality, all floundering presumptions fatally flawed and prime causes of suffering and cruelty. Good intentions, catastrophic results.