Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory in the Arizona Desert.


 photo by Tomiaki TamuraResident artists' recreational pour in the foundry: photo by Tomiaki TamuraArcosanti is a lively community made up of employees, interns, volunteers, students and visitors. There are about 60 adults and children who call Arcosanti home year round and this population greatly increases during our workshop season. The community has a wide range of interests, ages and backgrounds and each chooses to contribute to the project in unique ways.

As an educational organization dedicated to learning-by-doing, developing the community is an important component of creating this urban prototype. We are not a planned community, but as Arcology city design suggests, as our diverse group of residents live, work and play in this integrated setting, culture and interaction are encouraged vs. dissipated.

The Arcosanti community extends globally to include the 7000 alumni who continue to be involved with the project in many ways.

Living and working at Arcosanti

We are always looking for self motivated, skilled, and responsible people to work with the project and participate in our unique community. To become a resident at Arcosanti you must first complete the Five-Week Workshop and submit a letter of intent to the Community Council.

Some residents are employed by Cosanti Originals Inc. making the world renowned Soleri Windbells in the Bronze Foundry and Ceramics Studio or supporting daily life in the Café, Gallery and Guest Services operations. Other residents are employed by the Cosanti Foundation in Planning, Construction, Maintenance, Agriculture, Landscaping, Archives, or the Information Office. Some residents live at Arcosanti while pursuing their own work.

Workshop graduates in good standing are welcome to stay and volunteer for just a few months or to make longer term commitments. After your Workshop, you may apply for a 40 hr volunteer position or seek employment when available. New residents must be sponsored by a department manager and must submit a letter of intent to the Community Council.

Housing and Food

Housing options at Arcosanti include dorms for the workshoppers, shared apartments, studios, and more rustic living in a camp setting. Housing availability is based on seniority. After completing a workshop, new residents are welcome to live in camp until spaces become available. Residents who are employed pay a co-use fee to cover housing, utilities, access to amenities, a food discount and entrance to special events.  Workshopper meals are included in the workshop tuition. Most housing includes a private or shared kitchen and there are several community kitchens available to those living in camp or workshop dorms.



One of the benefits of living in this prototype arcology is access to shared resources. Residents have access to community kitchen, a community room, a T.V./movie room, a library, a music center, an indoor recreation area, an outdoor swimming pool and coin laundry facilities. Wireless internet is available from around the site. When persuing their own work, residents have access to a woodshop, a metal shop, ceramic and bronze firings, and art studio spaces on available basis. In the valley near the Agua Fria River, there is a "camp" area with organic gardens, greenhouses, and structures that can be used for music and parties. The natural environment within and beyond our property provides immediate hiking opportunities.